Maintenance: We take care of your Cloud infrastructure

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The maintenance with Syneki


More than just a simple infrastructure.

We provide our tools to your developers to help them easily identify bugs or performance problems in your apps.


An always available expert.

In addition to support to answer your questions, you benefit from a direct line in the event of a critical problem.


A proactive resolution.

Your infrastructure is under constant monitoring and our experts resolve issues before they impact your users.


A global view of your services.

We provide access to our dashboard to facilitate problem solving, log incidents and facilitate communication.

We work with the Cloud provider of your choice

We choose with you the Cloud Provider that fits the best your expectations, your budget and your needs.

On a wide range of tools

Wether with Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or any other tool, we choose together those that best suit your needs.

With first-class partners

We work with trusted partners to offer the best services.

The steps for a successful maintenance

1. Audit


Onboarding meeting with all project stakeholders.


We analyze your company on three pillars

  • the Cloud infrastructure and the services

  • the release workflow

  • the collaboration tools and habits


We deliver a detailed plan of the actions that will be undertaken for the maintenance setup. Financially and temporally measurable.

2. Infrastructure


We put your infrastructure under surveillance and plug our tools to alerts you about the slightest anomaly.


We put our tools at your disposal to easily analyze the behavior and performance of your services.

3. Launch

Tools documentation

We provide your teams with detailed documentation of our tools and the dashboards made available.


Our experts remain available to ensure the constant availability of your services and answer your developers' questions.


Is your offer flexible?

Yes, our offer is fully modular.
We carry out downstream of the project an estimate adapted to your needs and your budget.

  • We can only carry out a complete audit from which a budgeted action plan will result.

  • For specific needs, only the intervention can be carried out.

Et cetera

How long does each step take?

Each point of our strategy will take more or less time depending on your need and its maturity.

What is the price of your service?

Each action taken is estimated over time (in days). Then we charge the number of days spent according to our daily rate.

I am a small company (<25 employees), is the DevOps method suitable?

Yes, every company with an IT project can benefit from the advantages of the DevOps method.

I already have tools in place. Will everything be replaced?

We avoid changing your tools as much as possible.

Our DevOps experts adapt to your ecosystem.

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