Our values

Human first

Behind the words that are an agency, a service provider or even a customer, hide humans. At Syneki, the priority is to offer a healthy work environment, pleasant, fulfilling and respectful for everyone.


Our job is an exciting field that constantly arouses our curiosity. We discover, learn and transmit on daily basis. We don't take our know-how for granted, there is always a next revolution to reach.


We want to work efficiently and foster trust during our collaborations. So we communicate in a clear, frank way and avoid assumptions.

Our story

Syneki is the result of the collaboration between Martin PAUCOT and Jean-Marie Cuilhé. Passionate about IT and entrepreneurship, they launched themselves and created their first company: KMP Agency, an ambitious and all-terrain web agency, giving life to each of your web projects, wether a site, an app or a tool.

Quickly, they realized that the DevOps method was not applied or almost non-existent among their customers. They decided to appropriate it and make it real, in order to support their customers in the development of their tech products. Syneki was born! Syneki is DevOps applied in a concrete way to all your projects. Wether you are a web agency or a company with an IT department, Syneki supports you with its own method inspired by DevOps, for more daily performance, faster delivery of your products and better profitability. At Syneki, we believe that fluidity and organization are the essential foundations of any IT project. And, rather than saying it, we apply it.

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