The futur is in the Cloud and we're here to get you there

We are a DevOps & Cloud Engineering agency that build "next-generation" Cloud infrastructures.

Auto-scaling, High Availability, Chaos Recovery, Monitoring : All the features your services deserve.

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Cloud Migration

We migrate your current infrastructure and optimize your release workflow.

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From scratch

We create your brand new Cloud Infrastructure and automate your release process.

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We manage your Cloud infrastructure and ensure a constant availability of your services.

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We work with the Cloud provider of your choice

We choose with you the Cloud Provider that fits the best your budget and your needs.

On a wide range of tools

Wether with Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or any other tool, we choose together those that best suit your needs.

With first-class partners

We work with trusted partners to offer the best services.

Your services deserve an infrastructure

Continuous integration

Do not deploy bugs anymore. We automate each validation step checking the security, the performance and the quality of your code.

Continuous deployment

Iterate faster by deploying your new features in production or in staging with a single click.

Continuous monitoring

Become proactive by solving problems before your users notice with the anomaly detection.


Optimize your costs and offer the best experience to your users. Your infrastructure scale automatically depending on the trafic.

Local environment

Make the daily life of your collaborators easier by allowing them to focus on the delivery of new features thanks to a robust and optimized local environment.

Disaster recovery

Provide impeccable service to your user. Your infrastructure recovers itself in the event of a disaster to ensure an uninterrupted experience for your users.

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Are you an Agency ?

We work with services Agency to create the infrastructure of your customers and apply the DevOps method accross all your projects.

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We work with incredible customers

At Syneki, we create a strong and solid relationship with our customers.

Our goal is to create value for your company, improve your brand image and make the daily life of your employees easier.

    Victor Fritz

    CEO -

    Syneki has setup the infrastructure of Despite the particular technical constraints, they were able to adapt to all situations while staying on time!

    Bruno Pourtier

    CTO - Altavia Disko

    We called on Syneki to apply the DevOps method to all our customer projects. They did an incredible job, significantly improving our development process. I couldn't be more satisfied with their services.


    CEO - Kamatz

    If you are looking for a DevOps agency that can help you improve your operations, you absolutely have to consult Syneki. They have a team of experienced professionals always available to answer your questions.


    CEO - Studio Miamiam

    We have been working with Syneki for a few months now. They helped us streamline our our development process and saved us time and money. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a DevOps solution.


    Founder - Les propulseurs

    We trusted Syneki to help us solve our website scaling issues and they did a great job! Our website is working perfectly and we couldn't be happier.


    Founder - La machine

    Syneki intervened to optimize and transform the development chain of our software. The results are here, way less problems in production and satisfied end customers.

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